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The excitement that comes with every new release – whether it's an album, EP, or single – is just as exhilarating as the first., has overseen a number of popular songs and musical collections, and continues to work towards helping the music they love get the exposure they believe it deserves. To find out more about upcoming and current releases from, feel free to reach out.




Minimal deeptech dj/producer, Jc Morales has been establishing himself in this genre with multiple top 10s, his latest track " got that groove " peaked at top 8 on the hype beatport charts. And now with his label minimal nest he wants to showcase all the great talent from around the world



Co- founder

Minimal/Deep Tech DJ/Producer, Sosa (USA) has been trying to make a name for himself in the genre, having multiple charting tracks with the Labels Subsolar Music and Stig. Sosa has a great ear for music and wants to showcase talents from producers around the world.

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