Anthony Al-Soufi is a relatively new face in the music production scene, but has made a name for himself as he has been a Promoter and DJ over the years. Anthony was born in Toronto, ON, Canada on April 2, 1997. Having Sicilian, Iraqi, and Greek roots, he was exposed to various sounds and genres of music growing up, but he has always loved the sound of House music, in particular Deep House at a young age, but now considers himself to bleed Minimal/ Deep Tech. Also known as Neenz in the music world, he has decided to work with a few record labels to pursue his music career on the production side. Inspired at a very young age and by DJ’s such as Fedde le Grand, Fatboy slim and of course Carl Cox. Anthony bought his first DJ equipment in 2012. At first, it initially included various styles. After practicing day after day, he eventually was able to find his favourite genre of House. Nowadays, Anthony idolizes DJ’s/ Producers like wAFF, Tomi & Kesh, Bassel Darwish, Basement Jaxx, Riaz Dhanani, and many more! Despite the extremely hard and challenging music industry, he is heading on the right path and towards a bright future. That being said, this is only the beginning.


Bence K!SS

Bence Kiss is a Hungarian-born House and Techno artist, based in Worcester, UK. His exploration of electronic music dates back to his teens, where Bence learnt to DJ in his home country. During his time in Hungary, Bence spent many years honing his craft as a DJ and was a popular name on the Hungarian circuit before moving to London in 2012. After a short break whilst getting settled in the big smoke, Bence resumed his passion for playing music to crowds of dancefloor revellers and began to build a solid network of contacts within the London scene and further aeld. A couple of years after his switch to the UK, Bence began to dive into production - spending a lot of time in the studio and refining his sound. This led to releases on labels like Carypla Records, Driven Recordings, Tres14, SMR Underground, Del Sol and more, with an array of House and Techno offerings showcasing Bence’s diverse understanding of said genres that have been supported by the likes of Raffa Fl, Ben Hemsley, Shawn Jackson, Vaxx and more. His sound can be described as uplifting and high-energy. Citing inspiration from artists like GW Harrison, Pawsa, Sorley, Michael Bibi and Cloonee among others, Bence’s on-trend tech-heavy flavours are commonly well-received by the masses due to the feel- good and dynamic qualities they carry. Bence’s exposure goes far beyond the UK and his native Hungary. He is no stranger to Finland, Amsterdam and other European dance music focal points and is a regular visitor to the esteemed ADE every year. With 2019 being a year heavy on production hours, Bence is armed and ready to make his attack on a new decade with an arsenal of new music and gigs on the horizon. Keep a close eye on his journey as things are about to step up a gear!


Lalo Angeles

House Music Producer & Dj from Mexico City who has been working on his style since 2013. He comes from a little town where he grew up listening to music from his parents so when he turned 15 years old he began to play drums with one of his neighbors. Since that moment, music has been everything for him, so he decided to give music all of himself and move to Mexico City to study a Music Production degree specialized in Electronic music.
He's released on Mexican labels such as: Habitat Labels, IWant, Kief, Herloop, LMNTAL Music, and others from Colombia like Citizens Label and Luthier Music. 
He´s passion for music keeps him always analyzing new ideas of sounds for his productions and Improving his style behind the decks.
His sounds combines the influences of House, Micro, Minimal/Deep Tech and Techno Music

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Oktavio PD

Oktavio PD is a California born, Texas raised house music producer. As his catalog of music grows his style evolves to the point that it cannot be pigeonholed. One thing that is certain is that it is aimed to make you groove on the dance floor. His influences come from the records that he used to play back in early 2000s, dark clubs and dialogue from his favorite movies and random YouTube videos. When he isn't in the studio Oktavio PD is recording mixes for his weekly show "Staying In" on, which features a plethora of talented guests every Saturday at 2pm MST.

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NYC based producer and DJ Jean-Paul has been carving out his own musical path since very early on. Playing in legendary clubs such as Pacha and Space Ibiza New York all before he left High School.. Born in Colombia and Raised in Queens, Jean-Paul’s sound has been influenced by latin rhythms, disco, hip-hop and everything underground in between. He continues to search for deeper more soulful sounds while remaining versatile in his selection. In 2019 he started his production journey and had two successful releases; later becoming co-label boss for Let The Music Speak Records. Jean-Paul honed all of his energy this past year towards the studio and has lined up several releases for 2021.


Leon the lover

Leon the Lover is a Seattle, USA based electronic music producer and house music lover. Leon utilizes the power of music to say what otherwise cannot be said. Leon’s retro synths, soulful vocals, and grooving beats are the raw materials for transcendent joy and insight.

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JoeOH is a New York City DJ and producer that has been making a name fpr himself with great productions released on a different amount of labels, his minimal sound is unique and makes him a producer to watch out for in the coming years.

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